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Judge John E. Enslen, Chief Elections Officer

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Approximate number of registered voters in 2017:      54,369     (as of December 12, 2017)

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Poll Worker Election School

Poll workers and alternate poll workers are required to attend a school of instruction on how to conduct an election. No election official shall serve in any election in which an electronic voting machine is used, unless the official has received instruction within 60 days prior to the election, is fully qualified to perform the duties connected with the electronic voting machine, and has received a certificate from an authorized instructor. Poll workers may not serve at the polls if they are not duly certified, except that uninstructed persons may be appointed to fill vacancies created by unexpected absences.

Probate judges have the responsibility to conduct an election school, which must be conducted at least five days before a general or primary election. The judge of probate notifies the persons who have been appointed as to the time and place of the school of instruction for voting machine officials and publishes the notice at least 48 hours in advance of the school. A notice of their training must also be published in a newspaper of local circulation at least 48 hours before the school is held. The notice of the school may be combined with the notice of appointment. The city clerk performs these duties in the case of municipal elections.

The election school must be held both before primary elections and again before the general election. A school is not required before a run-off primary because the polls are staffed by the same people who worked in the first primary.

The school will emphasize the operation of voting equipment and include a practical demonstration and explanation of operating an electronic voting machine. An electronic vote counting machine should be set up to facilitate the demonstration. The election school will also cover federal and state law on election procedures and voting rights. Probate judges should include in their training the requirement that inactive voters must complete a voter identification (update) form prior to voting.

A poll worker who attends the election school is entitled to an additional $25 per day upon completion of the local election school.